A Few Words About Us

From farm to your doorstep

Our company has been – and still is – owned by local families focused on providing knowledgeable, courteous service and products you need to live a great life here in the Lower Mainland, BC, Canada. We proudly carry a unique mix of dairy products, private label products, and also provide wholesale services.

Locally sources ingredient

We source all locally sourced ingredients for our dairy products as we believe in supporting the local farmers of BC.

Produced with care

At our BC facility, we turn these quality ingredients into the dairy products you enjoy.

Delivery straight to doorstep

We deliver straight to your doorstep, with a goal to keep the freshness of the products intact. You get a product that has seen minimal shelf life and tastes great.

Our Products

Highest Quality

Quality Maintained

The milk is tested in the lab at the farm before it is dispatched for delivery so only the best makes its way to your home.

100% Natural

We bring you fresh milk from cows that are fed green fodder and live in the most hygienic conditions.

Delivery on Time

Starting with the sun we deliver garden-fresh supplies at your doorstep

Pasteurized Milk

We serve you pasteurized milk. This pasteurized milk can be used directly or stored under refrigeration.

Alway Fresh

Straight from the birth place, be it the farm or the coast. Procured directly from responsible farmers to ensure the quality and freshness of the ethically raised.

Keep Inspection

All the procurements undergo keen inspection to maintain and verify quality, since "Trust is what we are known for".